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event catering

Looking to cater a special event or fundraiser? Whether your next party has 10 guests or 100 guests, Luisa’s Catering is ready to provide you with the finest service and quality catering. Given the particulars of your event, Luisa’s Catering will create menu suggestions relevant to your group and your budget and provide any needed staff. We work closely with the chosen venue’s onsite management before and during your event so you can rest assured that your special event is being carried out perfectly and on schedule.

Services include menu planning, food preparation, beautiful food presentations and a professional wait staff. We can also assist you in locating a venue that will best accommodate your event. With our thoughtful planning and experience, we will make sure that your event is memorable and executed perfectly.

corporate catering

Whether entertaining clients or partners, recognizing employees, or honoring a retirement within the company, Luisa’s Catering can manage all of the details to create a memorable event. We offer options for all your needs, from breakfast and lunch buffets for company meetings to hors d'oeuvre receptions and dinners for holidays and major company events.

Please see our sample breakfast and lunch buffet menu for your company’s next meeting or event.


Our pricing is based on our use of fresh handpicked organic ingredients, well established vendors and a staff commitment to excellent service. Pricing can be affected by the date, duration, and location of the event as well as equipment needed and menu selection.   
Since every event is distinctive, it is difficult to place an exact cost for your party without first determining your specific needs. Luisa’s Catering welcomes your inquiry and looks forward to putting together a custom menu and proposal for your next special event. Please contact us for more information.

private chef

Luisa’s Catering will impress you and your guests with exquisite appetizers and gourmet meals prepared right in your very own kitchen. All meals are made fresh, not brought in pre-cooked and warmed up before serving. In the privacy of your own home you can enjoy the ultimate in quality dining; a first class meal prepared especially for you and your distinguished guests or important clients.

Services provided include menu planning, food shopping, food preparation, professional wait staff and clean up. For those of you who really want to experience the ultimate in gourmet dining, we also offer sommelier services to compliment your chosen menu.

If you are a busy couple or family that needs help with weekday dinners, Luisa’s Catering can assist with shopping and prepare meals in your kitchen. Meals can be served the moment they are prepared for an authentic private chef experience or can also be prepared specifically for freezer storage, allowing you to maintain a busy schedule. Customized menus are created based on your family’s taste, specific needs and the best of the season’s offerings.

Contact Chef Luisa for a free consultation.

What is the difference between a “Caterer” and a “Private Chef”?

The answer: Quality.

Most caterers serve food that has been already cooked hours if not days before your event. Food that sits in chaffing dishes for hours loses most of its integrity.

A Private Chef cooks the food on the premises and serves it fresh off the stove, grill or oven. The smell, look and taste of the food is always at its best when freshly prepared.


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